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Delancey Street
San Francisco
600 Embarcadero San Francisco, CA 94107
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Delancey Street
Los Angeles
400 N. Vermont Ave.
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Delancey Street
New Mexico
P.O. Box 1240
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Delancey Street
North Carolina
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Delancey Street
New York
100 Turk Hill Road
Brewster, New York 10509
845-278-6181 x205 (Tel)
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Delancey Street
South Carolina
2510 N. Hobson Ave.
N. Charleston, SC 29405
843-554-5179 (Tel)
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New York - Since 1980, restored castle.

The Delancey Street New York residents live on 50 acres in Brewster , New York (slightly more than an hour north of New York City and 2 miles below the Danbury, Connecticut border). The property houses a grand castle, Morningthorpe Manor, that is listed on the state historic register, with 22 rooms, 13 fireplaces, turrets, and a stone wall encircling the property. The oldest building on the grounds is the Gables, constructed in 1773 where male residents are now housed. Construction was begun on the adjacent castle in 1860 and completed by 1894. The owner/builder was Seth B. Howe, a real estate magnate, who was also the accountant for the Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey Circus. He housed circus animals in the Carriage House at the turn of the century. Other buildings on the property include the Spring Cottage, the Clock Tower which holds numerous offices, and a Stone Cutter Shed where they cut the granite stones to construct the castle. The castle floors are all hardwood and there is beautiful woodwork that is continually re-done. Residents found the original plans for the property when they purchased the building in 1980 and completely renovated and restored it to its original grandeur. Residents learn the culinary arts, moving and trucking, hand crafted terrariums, ceramics and woodworking, as well as construction, accounting, automotive repair, antique refinishing and Christmas sales and decorating.

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